We believe that the Biblical mandate given to the Church by Christ is world evangelization.   World evangelism is the process of making disciples by proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ for the purpose of converting, baptizing and teaching new converts how to live a Christian life according to Biblical principles (Matthew 28:19-20)
God has burdened our hearts at New Hope for world missions.   It's our desire at New Hope to be a part of God's mission of reaching people with the Gospel of Christ.   Therefore, we're actively engaged in the sending forth of missionaries beyond the borders of the local New Testament church and its influence to areas and peoples of the world where Christ is largely, if not entirely, unknown.  
Through faith promise giving, New Hope contributes to the support of 18 missionary families.  Three of these missionary families are members of New Hope. (2 Corinthians 8:1-5)    


Jonathan & Jenny Reiner*  -  Baptist Mid-Missions – Brazil 

Jerrih & Ercilia Silva* -  Rio Grande Bible Institute Texas 

Craig & Chris Whaley* -  Wycliffe Bible Translators North Carolina   




Andy & Nancy Anderson -   Word of Life – Florida 

Nathan & Maam Beckman -  Baptist Mid-Missions – Thailand          

Jeremy & Mattie Benbrook -  Baptist International Missions - West Africa      

Jim & Susan Cook -  Assoc. of Baptist for World Evangelism – International    

Paul & Karan Davis -  The Evangelic Alliance Mission – France    

Evan & Joy Drake -  Bible Basics International   Togo, West Africa               

Brian & Angela Eggert -  Central Missionary Clearinghouse - Sydney, Australia                     

Matt & Amanda Green -   Central Missionary Clearinghouse - United Kingdom    

David & Susan Howard -  Wycliffe Bible Translators - Papua New Guinea 

Andy & Pam LeBreche -  United World Missions – Romania      

Jim & Tara Lambeth -  AWANA Clubs - Florida        

Pookkattu & Molly Paul -  Serving in Missions – South Africa    

Jeff & Ivana Reiner -  Baptist Mid-Missions – Brazil     

Jim & Hope Smith -  Baptist Mid-Missions - Zambia     

Takuja & Hiroko Yamazaki -  Fellowship International Mission – Japan