Andy and Nancy Anderson

Word of Life

Updated 07/09/17

Nathan and Maam Beckman

Jeremy and Mattie Benbrooks

Jim and Susan Cook

ABWE Children's Ministries

Updated 12/11/17

Craig and Chris Whaley

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Updated 12/15/17

Paul and Karen Davis

Brian and Angela Eggerts

Updated 10/23/17

Matt and Amanda Green

Updated 10/07/17

Scott and Susan Harmon

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Chris and Catrina Herrick

Updated 09/03/16

David and Susan Howard

Updated 11/21/17

Jim and Tara Lambeth

South Florida Awana

Updated 08/26/17

Andy and Pam LeBreche

Updated 12/02/17

Dr. Pookkattu and Molly Paul

Updated 12/11/17

Jonathan and Jenny Reiner

Updated 12/11/17

Jeff and Ivana Reiner

Updated 05/16/17

Jerrih and Ercilia Silva

Updated 05/02/17

Roland and Sandra Simeonsson

Jim and Hope Smith

Updated 07/23/17

Takuji and Hiroko Yamazaki

Updated 11/21/17