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Why online giving?

Simply put, online giving is the simplest, most effective way to give to your church.  Most people don't carry checks or even cash in our society.  Online giving allows you to strategically and intentionally think about your gift and set it up as a priority.  Our system makes this process very easy for you.  New Hope uses Ezekiel Giving to process your giving.

The Benefits to giving online:

         -You’re acting in faith by deciding in advance to give faithfully.
         - It simplifies life; there is no need to remember cash or the checkbook.
         - It allows you to give consistently…even when not in church.
         - You can track your annual giving.
         - It is 24/7.

The biggest benefit is that your giving makes it possible for New Hope to reach out and serve more—more people who need God, more children, more youth, more people in need in our community and around the world. 

Is online giving safe?

Absolutely! It’s equally as safe as paying bills online or purchasing something through any reputable and secure online retailer.

Can I give via my mobile device?

Yes, but not through an app.  However, you may go to our website and give using your mobile device.  

Is text giving available? 

Yes!  Text GIVE to 941-304-5450 and follow the prompts.

Who in the church has access to my information?

We've made certain that nothing has changed as to who sees your personal information.  Our Finance secretary is the only person who tracks the giving in our church. 

Will I receive a record of my giving?

Yes.  You will receive an email confirmation of your giving.  In addition, New Hope will have a running total of all donations given throughout the year.  If you use our envelope system in your giving, you may put that in the memo field provided.  You will receive a statement at the end of year itemizing your giving.

Can I use a debit or credit card to make a donation?

You may use your debit card or ACH to give.   The cheapest way to give online is using an ACH.  There is a check link provided for you in the top right hand corner of the page for you to use.   We don’t want the use of credit cards because we care about you.  We would never encourage you to give to our ministries by putting yourself in debt.

Can I set up automatic, recurring donations?

Yes. When you first set up your recurring donations, you have control over the amount, the rate of recurrence (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly), and even the start/end date for your automatic deductions.

You have the ability to set up recurring donations yourself, and if you decide to stop or change your recurring donation, you can make those changes yourself quickly and easily.

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